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My letter to Lisanne Skyler - Chaintua Alozie

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February 21st, 2012

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08:31 am - My letter to Lisanne Skyler
Hello, my name is P, i’m a 30 year old manchild from Croatia. Some 10 years ago i saw your movie “Getting to know you” on the TV and it has haunted me ever since. It has this strange quality, like old, anonymous folk songs; it just permeates your whole being and makes you feel and comprehend the sorrowful futility of the world, and you gladly surrender yourself to it like a mother’s understanding embrace. And through this surrender a love grows, a compassion for all creation through a sense of shared folly, a peaceful clarity, a calm, for inside it you’ve made your peace.

Now, i know your movie is about more than this, or perhaps less, but i found this earnest, archetypal, illusive melancholy to be at the center of it. And that’s no small feat, for i find such melancholy to be the most primal and true emotion one can feel, hiding in the very heart of life.

And this is the reason i’m writing to you. Since i saw it i’ve been on a hunt for your movie. I’ve searched video stores, i’ve searched online stores, i’ve roamed flea markets, i’ve tried pirating it. I’ve done everything i could to get my hands on it. Why is this so important to me? Life is chaotic and strange, there’s so much clashing knowledge, a cacophony of information, things that erase you. Your film is cathartic of it all, it touches upon forgotten intuition, a forgotten self, on knowledge within you that got lost in the noise. It gives you a sense that you are human, and there’s no need to define what that means, it’s a feeling, a feeling more clear and more powerful than any thought or an idea could be, resonating through your being, restoring you to a lost balance.

It would mean the world to me if i could have this anchor, an object that symbolizes it and holds it within. It would make it all the more powerful. If you could send me a copy of your film, in any sort of form or in any medium, i would be forever grateful, and would of course respect any conditions that it might come with.

I'm sorry if i'm being a nuisance, my intention is to, if nothing else, thank you.

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