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F'd Up DREMZ - Chaintua Alozie

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March 8th, 2012

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07:04 am - F'd Up DREMZ
First i had a dream i was a part of a group of superheros. Then one of us betrayed us, and like, tried to disintegrate us? Anyway, i helped out and stopped him in time so he disintegrated only one of us, and the rest of us helped fix him, so he was right as rain.
But the people the traitor was working for didn't know he failed, so they started ATTACKING THE CITY!! Ayayay! And they did it in a giant flying teenage ninja turtle, and they WERE teenage ninja turtles. So we fought teenage ninja turtles. Those fuckers have old timey thief eye masks, OF COURSE they're EVIL!

Then i had a dream i was in Austria, and i was doing some shopping with my folks, and then i wanted to buy some fireworks, but i couldn't find any. I was walking the city and saw some kids playing with fireworks, i went like, psst, psst, kids, can you hook a fella up? But the kids were like hyper-paranoid and thought i was a cop, so they wanted me to prove i'm not. So they took me to their school to the computer lab, where i logged in to my flickr and showed them a bunch of photos of me where i was deffo not a cop. KIDZ GOT SMARTZ. So they took me to some basement where the suppliers were. When we got there i got a bad feeling - they were trying to kill us! With blow darts!! So i snuck up on one, took his blow dart and stabbed him. And then helped the kids take care of the rest of them. Now only the head honcho remained, who in fact was, Delroy Lindo. He said i won and i could have all the firecrackers i wanted. And i said "now that wasn't so hard, was it?". He asked if i could just let him go, because his car and all the cars of his gang were these super new fancy cars that started driving reverse if left unattended for too long. So instead of thinking that's the worst excuse ever, i rather took the chance to shake my head while looking at him mischievously from under my brows. So the cars went reverse, rode up a hill, and demolished the houses on top of it, which belonged to Delroy Lindo and his gang. Then this girl came along, that was i guess his main squeeze. She saw the tables had turned and she started flirting with me, and we went to one of the demolished houses, laid in the bed, feet to face, and caressed each other's feet.

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