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I watch horrible shows - Chaintua Alozie

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August 20th, 2012

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05:32 am - I watch horrible shows
I dreamt Channing Tatum was helping the police with an investigation. He was a medic. But it turned out he was the culprit, and then a lady detective went to arrest him, and he assaulted her and told her creepy things, insulting misogynistic things, but also things which ringed true and sounded romantic and tender, all rolled into one. I can't remember the exact words, just how they sounded. He was such a weird creepo. But the detective managed to call for backup and he was arrested. I was one of the detectives that arrested him, and we held him in a hotel room over night. I don't know why. There he took a pill and tried to kill himself, and said some things that made us feel uneasy and take pity on him as a sad, broken human being, and see ourselves as just one false step from becoming such.

Then i dreamt that the Walking Dead gang was shacked up in some old house in the forest. Carl was roaming around as Carl tends to, and a strange zombie child attacked him. A zombie child that talked, and thought, but still acted foul. He punched Carl in the stomach and played with his guts. But Carl got away and drove his bike back to the forest house. The zombie child was accompanied by two other little zombies, which seemed to be under his control. He followed Carl to the house, where everyone didn't kill him because he was such an oddity. As though thankful for not killing him, he healed Carl somehow. And spending time with him, everyone got to feeling better and stronger. And Grimes' wife, who was a zombie in my dream, but who he kept around, started talking and regaining some of her living qualities back. Then they invited Bobby from Supernatural over the radio to join them. He came, but with some survivors who only wanted to loot and kill, but hid that intent from Bobby till the last minute. The gang fended them off, but lost some people in the fight. The magical zombie child couldn't resurrect the dead, he could only make the zombies be better and benevolent, and help the living.

Then i dreamt that Lisa and grampa Simpson dressed up as beatniks and went playing a bunch of old music CDs only to pretentiously make fun of them. They weren't being beatniks for reals, but were goofing around playacting. Which was the most fun dream, and i remember thinking that i wish all Simpsons episodes were about Lisa and grampa Simpson hanging out together and having fun.

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Date:February 4th, 2013 07:19 pm (UTC)
your dreams are always so complex and somehow sensible while totally batshit insane all at once.

seriously fascinating.

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